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Welcome to our website and the world of Northern Inuit Dogs. If you have come here it means that you are interested in the breed and to learn a bit more about those amazing dogs. You have come to the right place. The Northern Inuit Association has been created to promote, advise on, protect and improve the Northern Inuit breed. We provide a community for our members to share their experiences of life with these amazing dogs.

We believe in healthy, ethical and sustainable breeding of Northern Inuit puppies so that people will be able to enjoy Northern Inuits for many years to come. Our aims include bringing together breeders who believe in raising their puppies according to the breed standard and paying particular attention to the temperament, but never at the expense of health, of the puppies. Due to the breed having a relatively small gene pool at the moment, we are able to advise our breeders on carefully chosen lines which are available to be bred from, and we closely monitor the levels of inbreeding to ensure that the aims of the organisation are met. Please see our current breeding strategy and constitution for more details.

We are working very hard behind the scenes to bring you some exciting news from the world of Northern Inuits so watch this space! (below is a photo of some of our wonderful Northern Inuits).

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