New USA Northern Inuit breeder news!

Very proud and honoured to introduce to you our first Northern Inuit breeder in the USA!! Which is really exciting for everyone living in the US who were waiting for those news to come.

Below is their introduction to everyone:

Hello everyone! We are IronSword Northern Inuits! We are located in the good ol’ USA in the state of Ohio. We have one Northern Inuit girl named Rina. Rina came to us from Julie Yule at Kayentay in Scotland in April 2018. We are excited to have a litter planned for the fall/winter of this year if all goes well. In addition to our Rina we also have a Hedlund Husky named Basso. He came to us all the way from Points Unknown Kennels in Minnesota. We hope to offer him as a stud dog once he passes all of his health tests. As the first breeder in the USA through the Northern Inuit Association we are excited to meet all of our neighbors here. We can’t wait for our first litter of puppies! Our kennel resides on a 40-acre farm where our future dogs will gain exposure to all sorts of farm animals and wildlife. We will be implementing puppy culture as well. A fun fact about us is that all of our dogs (including the resident rough collie) consumes a prey model raw diet. We like to keep things as close to nature as possible and as God intended animals to be. Have a blessed day y’all!

Get in touch early if you would like to secure a place on their waiting list:

ironsword northern inuits

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