Northern Inuits Member in Poland

My name is Dominika, I live in Poland and I am a Northern Inuits Member. I sent my first email to breeder Kayentay Northern Inuit Dogs on 23rd May 2017. “After living in the UK for almost 12 years, I have decided to give my logistics career up, move back to Poland and start my own business within animal care. Firstly, I started dog walking/cat sitting and now I am preparing for kennels/cattery/horse livery. I have loads of land, woods and fields where all my animals will be in paradise, for now just a cat, but I would like to start Northern Inuit breeding and Friesian horses.”

Julie, the owner of Kayentay Kennel replied the same day and that’s how it all started. My first puppy arrived Summer 2018, second Autumn 2019 and more are planned. I absolutely love the Northern Inuit breed. I strongly support Northern Inuit Association and its great people. I have fun with all different owners and Northern Inuits members from all over the world on our Facebook group.

Two Northern Inuits from Poland at the lake

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