Northern Inuits in hot weather

Sometimes you hear that Northern Inuits cannot live in hot weather climates, however this is a myth. This is, of course, providing they have a suitable environment created for them where they can sufficiently cool down should they want to. The environment created for them could include a paddling pool with cool water, shady areas where they can rest, drafty rooms with cool flooring for them to lay on and much more. They then have a choice whether they want to sunbathe (oh yes! Some of them love to!) or keep cooler. Northern Inuits have a double coat which protects them from cold as well as warm temperatures. Read on for a very good example of this sent to us by Animal Valley Northern Inuits (Animal Valley Poland).

The photo below was taken on Sunday 28th June 2020 in northern Poland when the temperatures were 30C. Humidity was at 51% and growing due to thunderstorms planned for that evening. Both dogs are the same age, the same fantastic fitness and perfect weight. They have engaged in the same activity that day. The concrete is cold because it is situated in the shade and there is a cool draft coming from the house as we keep it nice and cool. Baron, the Boxer, just cannot find comfort. He is restless, pants really heavily and Kay, Northern Inuit, is just resting peacefully with a normal level of breathing.

If you are interested in other characteristics of the breed read on here:

dog in hot weather

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