Northern Inuits and chewing

Northern Inuits like to chew. Chewing is really good for dogs, for many different reasons. For puppies, it can help to relieve any discomfort they may be in, from teething. For older dogs it’s a good way for them to keep their jaw muscles strong and, with the right “chew”, is an excellent way of keeping their teeth clean. Chewing is also good mental stimulation as it helps to relieve boredom. It is also a natural stress or frustration reliever. Dogs that have had a good chew on something tend to relax afterwards. The key is to find something that lasts for more than two minutes.

Here, Northern Inuit Korra demonstrates how effective the Wooly Bully from Finer by Nature is for dogs that like to chew (she was very happy…albeit tired girl afterwards). We thought we would test this tough chew on one of our strongest chewers which amongst Northern Inuits says something. 😉 If you are interested in all of the high quality Finer by Nature products go to their website: They have a fantastic range of natural chews, dog food, supplements and treats. 

This is a natural product and not only does it fulfil a dogs need to chew, because it has the fur still attached, it can also act as a natural de-wormer. For big dogs who are strong chewers, this really is the bees knees because it lasts for ages and is 100% beef. If you want to see exactly how long this can last, watch this on our YouTube channel……

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