How we raise our Northern Inuit puppies

Puppy culture is gold standard when it comes to our breeders raising Northern Inuit puppies. Early neurological stimulation is the first step for the puppies to be well socialised members of canine and human societies.

One of the first beneficial Puppy Culture protocols we can follow, as breeders when raising Northern Inuit Dog puppies, is ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation). The breeder carries out daily excercises from day 4 to day 16 of the puppies’ lives. The excercises are recommended if the puppies didn’t experience any stress in their early lives. However, if the puppies were already stressed by an event, eg. traumatic birth, then simulated maternal stimulation is more advisable for the benefit of the puppies (SMS) – but we will make an article on this later.

northern inuit puppy

What is ENS?

There are five exercises, the breeder performs each of those between 3 and 5 seconds with every Northern Inuit puppy, as follows:

Tactical stimulation
Head up
Head down
Supine position
Thermal stimulation

Those daily excercises improve cardio-vascular performance, result in stronger heart beats and ensure that the puppies have more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. This is because the puppies bodies have to work harder pumping oxygen and blood where it is most required.

Ask your breeder of choice if they perform ENS on their puppies and if they appear confused, they don’t do those, and you can stop right there. If they start to babble insanely about the benefits of ENS, you are on to a winner! 🙂

If you would like to know more about Puppy Cuture, visit puppy culture website by clicking the picture below.

puppy culture for our northern inuit puppies

Visit the registered breeders page on our website to talk to some of our amazing Northern Inuit Dog breeders:

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