Been interrogated by the breeder?

Have you ever felt like you are being interrogated by a breeder before? We know this can get uncomfortable and sometimes you feel that this is uncalled for. You probably think: “Why am I being asked all of those questions and I have to tell my life story? I can provide the best home and life for a puppy and I know what I’m doing!”

Please look at this from a caring Northern Inuit breeder’s perspective. They have just met you and spoke to you for the first/ second time. They are trying to get to know you better as they are prepared to part with a piece of their soul and they are trying to make sure their beloved Northern Inuit puppy is getting a home and a loving family for life.

Even before puppies are born, ethical breeders put months into planning, researching and trying to do everything in their power to be able to bring into this world healthy and balanced puppies which will be as close to the breed standard as possible. They spend countless hours and sleepless nights to ensure that their puppies have the best start in life. All of this, is to ensure that they will bring happiness and joy to those special families who are destined to be owned by them in the future.

So next time when you feel like you are being interrogated by a breeder…. Please help them to put their mind at ease that their Northern Inuit puppies will be well cared for, loved and understood. This is what really matters to them… and don’t forget to drop them an update on how the whole family is doing once you start your life together. They cannot wait for those messages to come.

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