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northern inuit puppies
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Been interrogated by the breeder?

Have you ever felt like you are being interrogated by a breeder before? We know this can get uncomfortable and sometimes you feel that this

puppies planned
Northern Inuit puppy news

USA puppies planned 2019/2020!

Our USA based breeder – Ironsword Northern Inuits have some very exciting news to share. They are pleased to announce a planned breeding with a

northern inuit Cruz
About the breed

Exploding pillows!

Northern Inuit Cruz presents special exploding pillows: “Look it just exploded!” If you would like to find out a bit more about Northern Inuit character

utonagan Diego
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Handsome Utonagan Diego

Meet very handsome Diego ❤️ He is a fully health tested Utonagan living at Stormswift in Scotland who are registered with the Northern Inuit Association. If you

northern inuit Nixie
Meet some Northern Inuits

Meet Northern Inuit Nixie

Northern Inuit Nixie enjoying time at the beach. She is a total sweetheart living in Plymouth with amazing Westcountry pack. 🙂 Meet our other Northern

northern inuit cruz
Meet some Northern Inuits

Meet Northern Inuit Cruz

Very handsome Cruz lives at Alska Northern Inuits located in Scotland. He is fully health tested so if you are interested in getting to know

dog in hot weather
About the breed

Northern Inuits in hot weather

Sometimes you hear that Northern Inuits cannot live in hot weather climates, however this is a myth. This is, of course, providing they have a

northern inuit puppy outcross
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Life of a puppy…

What lives our puppies have! We are very envious but also so so happy. 😍😁 This is Atlas living with his amazing People in California, USA (thank

northern inuit Axel
Meet some Northern Inuits

Northern Inuit Axel

Meet very handsome Northern Inuit Dog and stud-muffin Axel enjoying his life at the Kayentay Northern Inuits. He is fully health tested so if you