Puppies can be taught recall from a very young age. These lovely and adorable Northern Inuit puppies started their training at only 3 weeks old. Consequently, at 6 weeks old in this video, look how well they react to the whistle and their human mum calling. Moreover, puppy training involves loads of other commands. Teaching them how to successfully live among humans and other animals is a very important obligation of every breeder.

Here at NIA, we are responsible breeders and always promote positive reinforcement training methods like Puppy Culture when raising our puppies. You can read more about our aims here. The first 12 weeks of your puppy life is the most powerful time. Certainly, a sustainable and responsible breeder will put time, money and patience in shaping your puppy’s future. In addition, you can find more information about the Puppy Culture program here.

We strongly believe in healthy, ethical and sustainable breeding. Therefore, we support and love amazing and high-quality vet beds from a longstanding business Pet Bedding Store. They have an enviable reputation and provide great customer service at a fair price. Find more information about their products on their website or through their Facebook page.

Pet Bedding Store offers ultra premium and premium original vet bedding fleece; mixed quality beds, blankets, cage – crate mats; laundry bags, non slip backing sheets and pads. They range in colour and patterns. Every fussy doggie will find something she/he likes. In other words, make sure you visit their online store. 

Their mission is to build a lifelong relationship with you and your pets. This bond with their customers is very important. Therefore, great quality and an excellent level of customer service is what are considered their core values. This uncompromising attitude ensures that Pet Bedding products will enhance the wellbeing of your pets’ lives. Plus, their competitive prices make them the only choice for all of your pet bedding.

Puppies running to the camera over vet bed
Puppies running to the camera over vet bed

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