Northern Inuit History

Like all good stories, Northern Inuit History starts with ‘Once Upon a Time a lady had a dream’. The lady in question was Edwina “Eddie” Harrison and without her input, Northern Inuits would not exist today.

Eddie, along with a small group of dedicated breeders, continued to develop this wolf-looking breed. Initially they called the progeny was call “Harrison Wolfdogs” or simply “wolf-look-alikes.” You can read more about Northern Inuit history here

Men were always fascinated by wolves. Although we have developed and worked on all different dog breeds throughout centuries, most of us are in love with wolves. Northern Inuit Dogs Facebook group runs daily photo competitions. One of the most popular is Most Wolfie looking dog.

Here we have Lu who owns Angie Freeman – they won the last contest. The Northern Inuits wolfie looks attract more and more people. That is to say, we are here to help and support you in choosing the right puppy for you.

Black and white picture showing 3 Northern Inuit's in the Scottish Highlands

Northern Inuit walking in the snow

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