Kayentay Northern Inuits


Hi everyone, my name is Julie Yule and I am the general dogs body at Kayentay Kennels. I am owned by, in my eyes, 5 amazing dogs: one beautiful Utonagan and four Northern Inuits. I have been involved with the Northern Inuit breed for over 12 years. All my dogs are family members and all live in the house with me. We, here at Kayentay Northern Inuits, will always breed for health and temperament first. I have bred three beautiful litters which I’m very proud of and all my puppies are born and raised in the family home. I did Puppy Culture with my last two litters. Each of my puppy owners become part of the ever growing Kayentay family and get a lifetime of support and aftercare from myself. I keep in touch with all my puppy owners and love nothing more than lots of photos and updates on all my puppies. One of the pups, I have bred, is now a fully qualified Service dog with another pup in training to become a fully qualified. One is in training to be a search and rescue dog over in Italy. I have pups in Europe, USA, Canada and UK. I’m proud to be a registered breeder with the Northern Inuit Association and working with other dedicated breeders, like myself, to save this wonderful breed by widening the gene pool, improving on genetic diversity and conformation producing litters with low (COI) Co-efficient of Inbreeding. I am hoping to see lots of photos of all my Kayentay puppies on my Kayentay showcase happening in Northern Inuit Dogs page.
You can contact me or find out more about Kayentay Kennels at https://www.facebook.com/Kayentay-Northern-Inuit-Dogs-1081554772013990/

Kayentay Northern Inuits

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