Hints & Tips – Car Manners

Hints and Tips will be covering many topics, with our first being Dog Car Manners. Car manners are important for both your and your dog’s safety.

This is Kay from Animal Valley Poland. She is always extremely excited about going on any trip in a car. In the past she was very afraid of getting in, being in the car and even getting out. She took a very long road trip from Scotland to Poland when she was a pup. But, with time and patience, we have overcome her fear.

She is excited to go on a car journey even when we need to see the vet. That is because Dominika her owner was NOT only taking Kay to the vet, but also on loads of fun trips to the beach, lakes and woods. Additionally, when Kay first got to the vet, they did not plan any vaccinations nor procedures. Kay just went there to say hello and got weighed.

We support and promote only positive reinforcement training methods when raising our Northern Inuit puppies and we are very proud of who we are. Hints & tips – Car manners are the start of improving manners to help you and your dog’s safety.

Kay Northern Inuit getting ready for a car trip
Kay Northern Inuit happy in the car

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