Fireborn Northern Inuits

**Breeders Showcase: Fireborn Northern Inuits & White Swiss Shepherds**

Danni and Kris are being owned by the Fireborn pack living in a beautiful part of UK – North Yorkshire (near Thirsk). It is a home to Theia, Korra and Khione. Danni and Kris discovered the breed more than 10 years ago when they have rescued two Northern Inuit girls…. and the rest is history.

They have been involved in fostering, rescuing, breeding and owning Northern Inuit Dogs ever since. They have a lot of experience with the breed from training and raising puppies through to nutrition and general wellbeing. Danni has a very keen interest in good gene pool management techniques, dog genetics and reproductive veterinary services. They are raising puppies using full puppy culture protocols and they are dedicated followers of the programme. To them puppy culture is the way of life and all their puppies (with their families) are part of the extended family (of course absolutely loving puppy updates). They are first Northern Inuit breeders who have been accredited by the UK Kennel Club under Assured Breeders Scheme. In their boring life (and when they are being released from slave duties by their pack) they are both keen computer game players. They are very proud to be members of Northern Inuit Association as it aligns to their goals of breeding puppies with love for healthy and happy lives, to widen the gene pool of the breed and to ensure its future can be secured by working with other selected breeders within and outside of the Association. Their aim is to see this breed flourish in the years to come.

Check out their website for more details: Facebook:

fireborn northern inuits

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