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Northern Inuit Puppy
About the breed

Northern Inuit Dog character overview

Despite their wolf-life appearance, the Northern Inuit Dog has a very friendly demeanour and they are unlikely to show aggression. These dogs are very intelligent

Northern Inuit Neytiri
Meet some Northern Inuits

Northern Inuit Neytiri

Beautiful Northern Inuit Neytiri from Alska Northern Inuits posing in the snow. ???? Hopefully we will see some snow soon since Christmas is coming! Contact Alska

northern inuit dog at work
About the breed

Northern Inuits at work

When you take your Northern Inuits to work….. no concept of personal space does transfer to various environments apparently… (thank you to Westcountry Northern Inuits

northern inuits and friends
About the breed

Northern Inuits with friends

Being social dogs by nature, Northern Inuits generally get on well with other friends, especially if they have been well socialised from a young age.

northern inuit puppies
Meet some Northern Inuits

Northern Inuits puppies 13 years ago

This amazing picture of Northern Inuit puppies is from 13 years ago. This was a litter bred by Alska Northern Inuits. You can contact Alska

northern inuit
About the breed

Sitting pretty….

Northern Inuits are very graceful beings and they absolutely love “sitting pretty” for photos ❤️ Here modelled by beautiful Feren (thank you to their Hoomans for the

northern inuit puppy
Northern Inuit puppy news

Northern Inuit Puppies born!

We would like to congratulate Fireborn Northern Inuits on the arrival of amazing puppies! We cannot wait to see them grow. ❤️  Please note that all

northern inuit seppi
Meet some Northern Inuits

Photogenic Northern Inuits

Northern Inuits can be such a photogenic breed. The breed has been used in countless photoshoots and they have made their appearance on our TV