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Kayentay Northern inuits
Meet some Northern Inuits

Kayentay Northern Inuits

**Breeder Showcase: Kayentay Northern Inuits** WHERE WE BREED FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS WITH LOVE & DEDICATION Hi everyone, my name is Julie Yule and

northern inuit outcross puppies
General News

Puppy News!

Puppy news – Huge congratulations to Inuita Northern Inuits on an arrival of beautiful Northern Inuit outcross puppies last week! We cannot wait to see

northern inuit stud dog
Meet some Northern Inuits

Northern Inuit breeder showcase!

Soarsatulok Northern Inuits who are being proudly owned by their stud dog Koby. Please see below a little bit about him in their words: “Would

Puppy Nya
General News

Princess Nya!

Some of our puppies are already working as top models like Princess Nya below 😀 Thank you to Nya’s Hoomans for sharing this photo. If

IronSword Northern Inuits
Northern Inuit puppy news

First USA NIA puppies born!

Congratulations to IronSword on the first NIA USA litter! Those beautiful puppies are from our outcross programme and first ones of their kind in the

fireborn northern inuits
Meet some Northern Inuits

Fireborn Northern Inuits

**Breeders Showcase: Fireborn Northern Inuits & White Swiss Shepherds** Danni and Kris are being owned by the Fireborn pack living in a beautiful part of