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IronSword Northern Inuits
Northern Inuit puppy news

First USA NIA puppies born!

Congratulations to IronSword on the first NIA USA litter! Those beautiful puppies are from our outcross programme and first ones of their kind in the

fireborn northern inuits
Meet some Northern Inuits

Fireborn Northern Inuits

**Breeders Showcase: Fireborn Northern Inuits & White Swiss Shepherds** Danni and Kris are being owned by the Fireborn pack living in a beautiful part of

northern inuit dogs
Meet some Northern Inuits

Winter has come!

Winter has come to Traildog Northern Inuits! Just the perfect winter photo of amazing Northern Inuit girls. This is how happiness must look like.

northern inuit association
General News

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish everyone happy New Year 2021! Thank you for following us and all your support this year. Here is to all

Merry Christmas
General News

Merry Christmas!

Northern Inuit Association would like to wish everyone very Merry Christmas! We understand that it might have been a difficult year for you, but we

northern inuit Taro
About the breed

Northern Inuits love gardening!

Northern Inuits love to help with gardening. Their landscaping skills are second to none. They particularly enjoy rearranging the plants and ensuring that the gold

northern inuit puppies
Northern Inuit puppy news

Happy life puppies!

We would like to wish happy new adventures and good luck to all beautiful Northern Inuit puppies that have flown the nest at Fireborn Northern

northern inuit scotland
Meet some Northern Inuits

Scottish Northern Inuit girls

Beautiful Scottish Northern Inuit girls from Traildog Northern Inuits! If you want to get in touch with Traildog Northern Inuits you can have a look

fenrir and ice cream
About the breed

Northern Inuit feeding costs

Our breeders are frequently asked how much it costs to feed a Northern Inuit a month. So we thought we would write a short article