Welcome to the world of Northern Inuits!

On our website you will find a lot of resources and information regarding this fantastic breed therefore please browse to your heart’s content. Please get in touch if you would like to know more. All our committee members and breeders are here to help you.

Who We Are...

The Northern Inuit Association is one of the few independent breeding clubs that are involved in breeding the Northern Inuit Dog. This very special breed is not recognised by any Kennel Club as yet but we are planning to change this at some point in the future.

Our Members

The Northern Inuit Association is here to work for all our current and future members to ensure they are adequately supported throughout their puppies’ lives, to provide a community and forums involved in the development of the breed.

Our Breeders

Currently there is a total of more than 65 years of breeding experience between all our registered breeders, and many more as owners of our beloved Northern Inuit dogs. This experience and knowledge is available to all of our members.

Latest Blogs

Have a look at our useful information and links page if you would like to read more about various Northern Inuit and doggy related subjects: